I am Rubbish

9 years ago
8 December 2010

Well only a few weeks late I am getting back to writing on here. There is nothing to blame but myself for this one. I have not been out of town, or doing anything that awesome for that matter. Just slacking.

So what has happened over the past few weeks. Well besides the typical work things and signing up for classes for next term *little celebration*. There was this one long weekend where the holiday of eating-your-self-till-you-are-sick day occurred, as well as Black Friday/Mum’s 50th B-Day the following day. Thanksgiving was the largest my family has had in a long time, and the last large one for a long time to come. It was good to get to see my brother tho, and eat lots of delicious desserts cooked by my mum’s catering friend.

Then the next morning, at 3am, I joined the chaos known as Black Friday shopping. I know most of you think its crazy, but I find it fun to run around and watch crazy ladies (and gents) screaming as they run with a flat screen TV through a store. Not to mention this year, I actually bought stuff! This was followed by not a nap, but instead retrieving one of my mum’s good friends from the airport to surprise her at her b-day party. There was much rejoicing and drink, and I left just in time when all the adults started getting hammered.

Finally, I went to my first professional american football game with ex-co-worker-chick on Sunday and sat in the most awesome seats of all time and bought the most epic hat of all time (see above). It was a cherry on top of a very busy and fun holiday weekend.

So many of you must wonder (and by many, I mean my few stalkers) what I plan on doing for the holidays. This weekend I am heading off to frozen Minneapolis, Minnesota for some Mall of America shopping. And yes, I know its supposed to be 5F the day I am there, brrr. Other than that, the holidays have never really been big in my family, so I look forward to enjoying my days off, and attempting to ski when it actually decides to snow.

Happy Holidays Everyone!