Five Reasons I Should Never Get Bored

9 years ago
5 May 2010

Okay, so firstly a quick update! Last week Erin and I decided we needed to take a holiday somewhere.  So after work on Friday, we came home, did a quick bit of research, and then headed off to the airport to catch our flight to Denver, Colorado!

So rather than ramble on for pages about what we did and why it was fun I thought I would change things up a bit.  Instead you will now know five different reasons that I went on this trip and why they kept me from getting bored and how they define who I am. Enjoy!

I am eventually going to get arrested or detained at the airport because of how many last minute tickets I book.  I actually look forward to that day that I am singled out because I have too much fun traveling.  This trip we booked our flight at 5:03pm (according to the confirmation email) for a 7:25pm flight.  A mere 2 hours and 22 minutes to pack, get to the airport and board our flight.  That is actually not the closest I have cut it.  Last summer, Erin and I managed to book a flight 1 hour and 41 minutes before the flight.  Either way, I cannot wait for the day TSA starts flagging me, and how they are just going to laugh at the story I tell them.

When we landed my parents asked to go drinking with me. Now that I realize that it was the first time I was home without my little brother I realize that it makes more sense.  However, it was the first time that I had actually gone out to a ‘real’ bar (not a sports bar, or brewery) and had a drink with my parents.  It was actually a lot of fun and a great start to the vacation.

Apparently it was the holiday of drinking because the next morning after having enough breakfast to feed an elephant we decided to head down on the Coors brewery tour.  In short, I had as much beer as I would on a weekend night, for free, by 1:00pm.  No complains.

While I have lived in Denver for the past 17 years of my life and would like to move and explore somewhere else in the world first before moving back to Colorado, Erin loves the place.  She always makes me look at places to live and such, but the funny thing is that I had never really thought about where I would move in the city of Denver.  I am so used to living/visiting/staying at my parents house, that I have never really decided that if I had to, where I would want to live there.

I hate nothing more that waiting for and getting on the flight back to (bleh) Salt Lake City.  There is no other flight in the airport (even on a Sunday) that is not full of awkward young couples, couple with 5 screaming babies they cannot control, Mormon purse-carrying, people with too much crap because they are planning on going to ‘the cold place’ where ‘they can shred – man’.  Honestly, I HATE getting on the flight back home for more reason that because its just back to work and such.

All in all, it was a great vacation back to Denver.  Even tho we did not chase any tornadoes (like last time) or have much time to just relax.  As of now I don’t know when or where I will be headed on my next adventure, but as you can notice, I really don’t know more than a few hours before hand, if that.  And that is five reasons, you should never let me get bored…