All I Can Say is Deja Vu

9 years ago
19 November 2010

If it was not for the trip to the UK, Parliamentary elections, changing jobs and moving, right now feels and sounds vaguely familiar to my life just over eight months. I was applying for postgraduate programmes and trying to get my masters degree in Public Administration and Urban Planning. Last time, my applications spanned the globe and were my own choice. This time it was a few local schools and having to keep my current job.

The results last time were three acceptance letters to the University of West of England, Oxford-Brookes University, and the University of Minnesota. Three schools I would have died to go to if it was not for the monies, which I really did not have.

Today was the first good news I received since I started the process all over again, I got an offer to attend the University of Colorado at Denver. This just happened to be my number one choice of uni to attend. However, this time with the financial backing of my current employer, its no longer a matter of piles of grant applications and scholarship forms. Crossing my fingers and hoping they send me money. This time, all I have to do is click yes (and give $200 for a deposit).

I always laugh when I tell people that you could never convince me the craziness that has happened the past year would ever happen. Nonetheless, I seem to have come full circle anyway.