A Busy Month Ahead

9 years ago
23 September 2010

I am quite rubbish at keeping this updated, but hopefully some much needed motivation will come in the form of my upcoming travels.  Autumn for me starts of as a crazy one with four trips planned before Halloween!  So much for spending weekends at home recouping, I am going to be off like a mad man all over the US and Canada for the next few weeks, with local plans thrown in for good taste.

Firstly, this weekend I am headed to my old stomping grounds of Salt Lake City.  Nothing too exciting there minus a football game on Saturday night and getting to hug attack my ‘Freshman’.  Afterwards, its a weekend at home with friends before I will hopefully be heading off to Calgary to visit an old high school friend who is working for an oil company up there.  I have not been there since I was 10, and have only seen her a few times since high school, so should be a blast.  The next weekend it is off again to Phoenix Arizona for my cousins wedding on a quick Andrew-esque 24 hour trip.  And finally, after 10 days at home I head off to Washington DC on a paid trip to accept my NOAA Administrators Award and do some touring on my old work’s dollar (aka the gov’t).

It took a few months of getting settled back into Colorado, but quickly I am getting back to my old self of non-stop adventures and travels.  And of course, as always, if you happen to live where I am traveling to, drop me a line so we can grab coffee or tea.

Hope to be updating you all soon along the way!