A Brief History

9 years ago
12 April 2010

Glad to see that you have made your here without too many bumps and bruises.  But now, most of you probably wonder what you have stumbled upon. I would like to welcome you to Once Upon Asketchyfish the new place for everything not-so-professional to my internet site.  Awhile back, I used to have a personal blog and such available on my portfolio website Lunarnoon.  However, I quickly realized after sending that link to a group of possible employers, that personal rants, videos, and photos should not share the same space as my portfolio. (Yes, I realize that they many end up here as well, but it will not be directly because of something I give them). And with that, I started building this site.

My goal is to try and at least post one article a week, covering everything from global events to local news to my opinions and views.  Hopefully they will be insightful, interesting, and sometimes even entertaining.  I have been writing since before I could walk, and I believe this is the perfect venue to get back to taking beautiful pictures and writing lovely shorts.

For those that have yet to get to know me, I am Andrew, a 23-year old guy currently in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you want to know some more things about me, head on over to the about page, or one of the many social networks I belong to.  You can also find tens of ways to talk to me on the Ask Page, I will be more than happy to talk to you!

Until next time!