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8 November 2012

8 Places I Would Live

Photo of me moving from Salt Lake City in 2010. It’s been a busy week here at Andrew HQ. I surpassed 10,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel. Barack Obama (thankfully) won a second term as president of the United States. And work on OpenSnow has been going full speed ahead...

15 October 2012

In Five Years

Yes, that is a photo of me in Vancouver in October 2007. Whether at an interview or talking with you parents, there always seems to be that nagging question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. Many people have a very structured life and can rattle off some big...

3 July 2012

VidCon 2012

With my feet and legs feeling the consistency of Jell-O, my throat damaged more than a cats scratching post, and enough hours of sleep to count one hand, only one thing could have happened this past weekend… VidCon! For those that are out of the loop on the internets, VidCon...

20 May 2012

22 Hour Adventure to Utah

By now you should know my life rule — travel lots, and travel often. My trip this past weekend to celebrate my old college friend of Tiffany’s wedding was no different. Due to the fact that Boulder Startup Week coincided with the weeding, I had to make some scheduling magic...

19 January 2012

Mayor of the Colorado/Utah Border

Yes, I am the mayor of this, at least according to Foursquare, but we will get to that. Per my typical wanderlust, I decided that waiting an entire week before I headed to New Orleans was too long not to travel. Especially after my original plan to head to the Sierra skiing...

25 July 2011

Taking a Walk Down the New Path

For those of you who keep up on my twitter or vlog, I am sure you could not avoid the news last week of me quitting my job. I have kept details of why I decided for this change to a minimum both for the sake of not burning bridges...